The Pre-Production stage of any imaginative project is the primary and most significant step of a whole project.  It is the basis upon which all imaginative projects are built in order to attain the anticipated goal within proper budget and agenda.  The key drive of the pre-production stage is to develop concepts and ideas into a comprehensible road map that links clear instructions to every single team member efficiently.  Some of the key components in the pre-production stage comprise: model sheets, concepts, and story boarding.


All through the concepts procedure of a 3D pre-production stage, idea’s will take form to carry several features like theme, style, layouts, characters, and environment to term a few.  Entirely of which is calculated to depict the general feel and look of the project or artistic knowledge so that it can be understood whether or not the development is on the accurate path before it has even started.  It also delivers the blueprints for fellow team members to build from.  “Concepts” can take the method of reference images, concept sketches, meetings, documentation, and mock-up builds.

Story Boarding

Story boarding is parallel to that of a comic strip.  It comprises of a series of sketches that detail features like, story, character animations, ideas, and scene layouts.

In comparison to story boards, scripts visually link not just the story but also the acts, allowing designers to better see wherever artistic experiences possibly will be better and thus stopping changes being made to the mission additional into development.

Model Sheets 

Using a model sheet, animators and modeller’s alike can build an character or object from any viewpoint including mannerisms, facial expressions and postures of said character/object.

There are dissimilar types of model sheets that feature several characteristics of the model such as mouth actions for dialogue, construction sheets to stipulate models with unique structure and character ideas that detail postures and scope in relative to other characters.  Effective and detailed model sheets deliver less room for clarification when it comes to the animation and modelling procedures which helps in preparation.





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